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Sealing control on fresh food trays

Sealing control on fresh food trays.
Viewtech USA began its business by presenting quality control automation solutions for trays containing fresh food.
These are machines, equipped with a machine vision system, able to automate the quality control on the food packaging line.

The added value of viewtech solutions is the sealing control; this control in fact allows the complete inspection of the seal, regardless of its shape, the color of the tray or the presence of a partially pre-printed top film.

The control of the sealing allows to identify all the contaminations that may be present in the same; in fact, it allows you to discard all packages that do not comply with the Company’s quality standards.
Product residues, air/gas bubbles, any mispositioned interleaves, are some of the typical causes of a non-compliant classified seal.

You can apply the sealing control to countless different types of trays or flow-packs; this control allows inspection of the seal on 100% of the production line; it also provides a series of statistical information about the causes that generated packaging rejection.

Ours solutions for sealing control on fresh food trays, are already appreciated by our US Customers, for the flexibility and completeness of the controls.

The automation of the quality control station on the packaging line therefore aligns the quality of the product placed on the market with the quality standards that a company wishes to maintain.
The automation of this process becomes a real tool available to the quality control office.

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