Viewtech solutions in USA

About us – Viewtech USA

Viewtech is a company founded in Italy in 2002.
Since the beginning we started to develop solutions with machine vision systems; we then started to develop inspection systems for food package quality inspection.
In 2007 we approached the European market and in 2013 we sold the first machines in USA.

Viewtech Italy is based in Reggio Emilia, in the middle of the Italian Food Valley; this special geographical location makes then us an active part of the food market and its packaging.
Viewtech boasts twenty years of experience, gained in the relationship with internationally renowned companies and with some of the most important multinationals.

The software embedded on all our machines is proprietary, fully developed by Viewtech.
The integrated solutions are optimized to obtain the best results in the field of food packaging inspection.

This experience allows us to offer quality control systems, which already integrate solutions to the needs and requests of the most developed packaging areas. We landed on the American market with the creation of an office in the USA; this operation allows us then to offer our services in a more effective way.